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Structural Bodywork - 14 CE Hours

The 14 Ce hour Structural Bodywork course defines and addresses postural and functional imbalances and shows how to correct them.
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The 14 CE hour Structural Bodywork course will introduce therapists to structural bodywork; what it is and how it works. Structural bodywork focuses on issues of posture and structure and the functional limitations that arise from them. Structural bodywork is built off of the theories of Ida Rolf and Feldenkrais and combines them with techniques such as myofascial release and stretching bringing them into the context of massage therapy. The textbook is broken into three parts: the history of structural bodywork, the theory of structural bodywork, and a practical guide with images on how to incorporate structural bodywork techniques into your regular massage routine.

This course will present

  • Description and definition of structural bodywork and its associated modalities
  • History and evolution of structural bodywork
  • Indications and contraindications to structural bodywork
  • Detailed pictures and descriptions using techniques of structural bodywork
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