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Applied Kinesiology - 15 CE Hours

The 15 CE hour Applied Kinesiology course will present you with information on the theory and practice of applied kinesiology.
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The 15 CE hour Applied Kinesiology course introduces the theory and practice of an assessment and treatment method called Applied Kinesiology (AK) which uses manual muscle testing to determine the state of balance in the body. Muscle testing is a standard medical assessment technique and is used to help identify structural problems and imbalances in the body that can be resolved using manual therapy techniques. To perform the AK muscle test, the examiner provides isometric resistance while the patient maximally contracts the chosen muscle. Then the examiner applies a bit more pressure. If the client cannot resist this extra pressure, the muscle "tests weak," indicating a problem or imbalance that needs to be resolved. Thirty-three muscles tests for different areas of the body are described as well as correction techniques for areas of weakness. Correction techniques for imbalances are explained in detail. Theory and techniques are all illustrated with instructional photos and explanations. This is an excellent course for massage therapists looking to learn about how Applied Kinesiology muscle testing and correction methods can benefit their practice!

This Course Will Present:

  • History, definitions, and explanation of Applied Kinesiology and how it works
  • How muscles are tested in Applied Kinesiology
  • Brief overview of anatomy and physiology of muscles and related structures
  • Pretests to help improve muscle testing accuracy
  • Correction techniques when imbalances are found
  • 33 different step-by-step muscle tests for specific muscles
  • Assessment screenings that will help you to determine where to begin
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